The Shule Project

Device as a Service (leasing) solution designed for Schools and Universities

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Challenges facing schools in ICT

Affordable access to Devices

The cost of devices, procurement process, Number of computers, technology refresh in line with market needs

Management and Deployment

Management and Deployment of devices to enhance their strict use in Education including the security of the devices through their lifecycle


Trained Staff including the cost of training. Improving the student and teacher experience by simplifying the ICT complexities in setting up the digital environment

Technical Sustainability

ICT sustainability for the long term. This includes device refresh, teacher and faculty access to OEM partner programs in Education to ensure technology relevance

What you get..

The Device and it's Provisioning

Your school will receive fully configured devices tailored to your specific requirements. This means that the devices will come pre-loaded with educational software of your choice, all with academic licensing wherever possible.

We have partnered with several manufacturers and can source the devices for you at affordable rates.

We partner with many KICD-accredited software suppliers. Software charges are extra

Device Management

Comprehensive device management services will be provided to your school, including software updates, remote troubleshooting, and device maintenance. This means that your school will no longer have to worry about device management and can instead focus on educating students..

Asset tracking

Asset tracking features are included in our service, allowing your school to keep track of your devices. Monitoring the device's location, usage, and condition is part of this. Asset tracking can assist your school in reducing device theft and loss.

For out-of-band tracking, we require the latest intel chipset-based devices


Our solution includes robust security features that safeguard devices against cyber threats. This includes antivirus, firewall, and encryption software. Your school can be confident that your devices and student data are safe.

KEKA Precision Technologies is a cloud-based ICT company. We will employ the latest and the best fit security at our disposal

Technical Support

Our Solution includes technical support services that connect your school to knowledgeable IT professionals. This means that your school can get the assistance it requires quickly and efficiently.

Cost Savings:

By providing predictable and transparent costs, our solution can help your school save money. This means that your school can better budget its IT expenses and avoid unexpected costs.

Customizable Plans

Our solution offers customizable plans that enable your school to select the services it requires. This means that your school's DaaS solutions can be tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Through our financial partners, we can offer financing either to the school or to the Student/Parent

Device Upgrades

Our Solution includes device upgrade options to help your school stay current with technology. This means that your school can benefit from cutting-edge technology without having to buy new devices.
We provide a technology refresh every 3 years.

Student Data Management

Our solution provides student data management services to assist your school in meeting data privacy regulations. Data backup and recovery, data deletion, and data encryption are all included.

We are GDPR compliant in the US, UK, and EU, and we adhere to the Kenya Data Protection Act guidelines.

Free Internet Presence

Free domain, website, and up to 20 email addresses for your domain courtesy of KEKA Precision Technologies.

We will offer this service as long as there is an active contract.

However, the 1st year is free, after which domain renewal and maintenance fees will be levied in the absence of a subscription contract.

We will host your domain and website and offer up to 20 email addresses at our expense to ensure you are reachable over the internet.

Intel® SFI - Free Training for Teachers

The Intel® Skills for Innovation Initiative (Intel® SFI) empowers decision-makers and educators in adopting technology to create innovative learning experiences which actively engage students in all learning environments—virtual, at school, or blended.

Please visit the Intel site for more details. To register with intel, please request a registration code by clicking the button below. We will send you the relevant information.

Why Device as a Service (Leasing)

Change Adaptation

The IT requirements of schools are constantly changing. A few of the factors influencing technology plans are student enrollment, new initiatives, and budget cuts. A DaaS agreement’s Flex Option allows schools to add or remove devices without incurring contract penalties. An efficient DaaS program adapts to provide only the devices you need for that period of time, rather than having costly devices sitting in a closet when enrollments change year after year.

Providing Personalized Education

A 1:1 technology program’s goal is to transition students from passive learning to collaborative engagement. DaaS allows for faster implementation for schools with limited capital relative to their student population because of the lower initial outlay of funds.. 

Deployment and Management

Deployment, management, maintenance, and disposal need to be calculated to determine a true technology rate. Depending on the number of devices in service, schools could get caught unprepared for a large outlay of IT upkeep expenses. Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) can encompass all of your technology expenses (including professional development) into one predictable budget year after year. It’s more than a lease, it’s a long-range approach to addressing ongoing technology needs on your campus.

Disposal of Equipment

Schools must deal with IT asset disposition in a traditional purchase model. The process of decommissioning and disposing of computers at the end of their lifecycle can be a time and money drain on school IT departments. DaaS alleviates that burden and expense by returning the computers at the end of the agreement period.

Students' Development

When students advance in grade level, their technology must be updated to reflect new curriculum and assignments. A device designed for third grade may not be appropriate for sixth grade. Without blowing their budgets, schools can now plan for student evolution and provide devices that best match the student/computer lifecycle. DaaS also allows schools to upgrade technology more frequently, ensuring that teachers and students have access to the most up-to-date educational applications and curriculum. We include security against cyber attacks and theft

Obtaining the Required Devices

The best computer for any school is determined by the learning environment, grade levels, student outcome goals, and curriculum. Having enough computing power is essential for an effective technology strategy. DaaS enables schools to afford better devices that are aligned with their goals without paying for more than they require. We offer a variety of products as certified partners for the logos in this document

Empower IT to Focus on Strategic Projects

Your IT department’s most precious commodity is time. They simply can’t proactively address all of the major strategic needs across your institution if they are constantly saddled with trying to manage and repair small issues impacting devices. A successful DaaS program frees up your internal resources, giving them the ability to focus on security, connectivity and greater efficiencies across your campus.