Are you ready to unleash the potential of AI in your healthcare organization?

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare has emerged as a groundbreaking paradigm, poised to revolutionize the accessibility, quality, and cost of care. But do you have the right strategy to unlock its full potential? Join us for this interactive workshop that includes perspectives on key enabling technology and insights from leading healthcare IT professionals.

At this session, you will:

Gain key insights from panelists who will share their best practices and challenges they face when integrating AI

Explore the AI use cases that can materially improve the quality of patient care

Share perspectives on tech solutions that enable healthcare providers to innovate faster

Learn how generative AI can safely free healthcare practitioners from overburden 

Dig into the ethics and policies needed for using AI in healthcare settings

Meet our Guest Speakers:

Peter Shen, Head of Digital & Automation – North America, Siemens Healthineers – LinkedIn

John Henderson: VP and CIO Children’s Hospital of Orange County – LinkedIn

(Host) Enrique Estrada: Sr. Director Healthcare Industry Solutions,  VMware – LinkedIn

(Host) Michael Robinson: Vice President Healthcare, North America – LinkedIn

Don’t miss out!

This session will showcase real-world examples where generative AI and AI/ML can successfully enhance patient outcomes and improve the clinical decision-making process at the point of care. Learn what it takes to become AI-ready for your enterprise.

Workshop Details:

VMware Explore Las Vegas: Session ID: INDT2713LV

Unleashing the Potential of AI in Healthcare for Improving Access and Quality of Care

The Venetian Las Vegas

Monday, Aug 21

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM PDT

Level 3, Lido 3005

Register here:

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