Amidst ever-evolving multi-cloud transformation, financial services organizations find themselves in a position that demands innovative change yet provides an overwhelming number of avenues to do so. These organizations are navigating the process of adapting their application portfolios to integrate cloud native principles in hopes of driving customer engagement, improving operational efficiencies, and boosting employee productivity.  

The wealth of cloud infrastructure choices paired with diverse business needs can easily give way to siloed decision-making among different teams, leading to a complex and inconsistent cloud infrastructure landscape involving a mix of private, public and edge clouds. In the process, organizations are missing the opportunity to holistically support existing and modern apps across environments. 

A Cloud Smart Solution: Modernize, Protect, Migrate 

Ninety-one percent of executives across all industries are looking to improve “consistency across [their] public cloud environments.”1 In our new eBook, “Your Path to Cloud Smart,” we explore how VMware empowers financial services organizations to take advantage of a rich set of services and capabilities to build, run, manage and secure apps consistently across clouds. Specifically, we look at how VMware solutions enable banking institutions to: 

Optimize and modernize the data center to establish a common cloud infrastructure that can run anywhere and support both traditional and modern apps on private, partner, edge and public clouds.

Leverage a common operating model and management that is tightly integrated with the virtual infrastructure stack across any cloud.

Bolster the protection of business apps and data by enforcing Zero Trust defense on-premises and across clouds.

By combining a common cloud infrastructure platform and operating model that can support any app across any cloud, financial services organizations can address multi-cloud complexity via a modern Cloud Smart architecture. 

To learn more, download Your Path to Cloud Smart.

1. VMware FY22 Q4 Executive Pulse.

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