Why Device as a Service

Today’s workforce requires highly reliable devices that are ready to perform, allowing users to stay productive, connect and collaborate with their teams and customers, and conduct their day-to-day tasks wherever they may be, knowing their PCs and data are more secure. The IT teams strive to deliver a smooth user experience to all end users, but often the budget and resources are stretched thin, so the PC refresh cycle and latest premium devices become lower priorities.


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Rapid growth in worker mobility is creating challenges in managing and securing the workforce device fleet.

Worker mobility has become increasingly common due in large part to changes in technology, employee expectations, and globalization. In fact, every week about 70%
of employees work at least one day a week somewhere other than the office.¹ As employees work offsite — on unassigned PCs and mobile devices across multiple operating systems both inside and outside the corporate firewall — management becomes more complex, and the risk for data breaches increases.

Device management can be a significant resource drain for IT staff.

IT resources fight a constant battle against outdated tech and tight budgets. According to various industry analysts, a computer’s base price typically represents only 20% of the Total Cost of Ownership, leaving much to tech support and maintenance.² This includes basic tech support, tracking refresh cycles, and dealing with old devices. Time and energy spent on basic asset management and training on new capabilities could be applied toward longer-
term initiatives, giving technology a more prominent role in driving business forward and ensuring smooth end user experiences.

Device as a Service (DaaS) can help address device management challenges, enabling companies to achieve better business, operational, and financial outcomes

By bundling the best hardware, software, and services together, DaaS providers can deliver an end-to-end solution to their customers, creating workforce-wide benefits from decision makers to IT staff to end users. Benefits also apply to service providers who, with the convenience of Intel’s built-for-business platforms, can then service their own business operations and create new revenue streams.

Hybrid work is here to stay


Productivity on first boot with the right device


Security that doesn’t impede the ability to work from anywhere


Digital workspace with seamless access across all devices and apps

Always On

Disruption-free day and minimal interaction with IT

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for users

Performance end users

Design, AI, and data-driven technology 

Reliability and productivity 

High-performing, highly secure PCs


Mobile end users

Productivity away from their desk 

Management and security capabilities
outside of the firewall 

Optimal connectivity and collaboration 

Lightweight, lightning-fast PCs.

Productivity end users

Office professionals driving business 

Fast, reliable connectivity for productivity 

Responsive, secure PCs

Employees in a shared space/PC environment

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